Our packaged, bark free firewood is a .75 cu. ft. heat shrink wrapped grab & go package with handle. The grab & go package is convenient for apartments, homes, campers, wood burning stoves, fireplaces, patios, and small fire pits.

All of our wood is USDA approved and is available for out of state delivery. It can go in & out of quarantined and non-quarantined areas as well. Pick-up or delivery is available and all of our premium mixed hardwood is split and seasoned. Our packaged firewood has a GS1 Certified UPC code. Our customers include large corporations as well as the small business owner.

Why Bark Free Firewood?

  • Less debris & bugs in your store or home
  • Less creosote & fewer ashes
  • Following guidelines set forth by USDA for treatment of Emerald Ash Borer and Gypsy Moth (Firewood can be used in quarantined and non-quarantined areas)

Bulk Firewood

We also provide firewood in bulk quantities composed of mixed hardwoods. All of our bulk, bark free firewood is seasoned and split. Bark free is cleaner and means less ash, less creosote, and fewer bugs. Our bulk firewood is sold in all truck load sizes, including semi truck loads at our facility. Please call for pricing.